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Formidable Ideas for Players of All Levels

Learn how to take your basics to the next level in openings, middlegames, tactics, strategy, and endgames.


If you're ready to build on the beginner fundamentals of chess, this course is for you.

I designed this course for players with a rating roughly between 800 and 1600.

Enroll now and get ready to skyrocket your skills.


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Learn chess fundamentals that will have you crushing your opponents in no time


If you want to learn how to play chess, or have little experience in the game and are struggling to improve then this course is for you!

It will arm you with all the fundamentals in all 3 stages of the game: opening, middlegame, and endgame. 

More importantly it will accelerate your learning process by teaching you how to avoid common mistakes. 

Enroll now and start winning games today!


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Learn openings that will drastically make you a stronger player 


Studying openings is practically like studying how to gain an advantage very early on in the game. 

Enroll in an openings course and take your skills to a whole new level.

Courses include:

  • E4 New York Style (MOST POPULAR)
  • E6B6 New York Style
  • D4 Dynamite
  • Caro - Kann
  • G6 Modern Defense


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Learn openings for both the white and black pieces and be prepared for anything


Nothing sucks more than being thrown into a situation where you feel like you don't know what to do. Like when you study openings for the white pieces but then end up playing with the black pieces. 

That is why these bundle offers were created. 

Pair a course for the white pieces with a course for the black pieces and get them at a discounted price.

The most popular bundle at the moment is E4 NY Style + E6B6 NY Style.


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Learn clever ideas that will surprise your opponents and throw them off course


In these courses you'll learn how to sacrifice one or more pieces in the early stages of the game so that you can gain an aggressive attacking position. 

Courses are available for both the White and Black pieces. 

If you love a good thrill then these courses are for you!

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