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My name is Levy Rozman, also known as GOTHAMCHESS (named after my home New York City).

I'm an International Master (Peak ELO 2421), Twitch Streamer, Content Creator on YouTube and former scholastic chess coach.

I have been playing chess for almost 20 years, teaching it for nearly 10 years, and streaming since 2018.

As you can tell, Chess is a big part of my life. Always has been. 

It's a beautiful game, and I truly enjoy everything about it. 

What I enjoy just as much, however, is teaching others the tricks and techniques needed to become a strong player. 

It's why I create educational chess content on Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram. 

And it's why this website was born.

I created this website in order to provide in-depth content in the form of courses for players of all levels, using all the best teaching methods that I learned during my time as a chess coach. 

I hope you find something here for you. More than anything I hope that my content makes you a stronger player.




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